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It's 95 Degrees. Here's How To Stay Cute.

Your Another Round friends are here to help you take over summer '17!

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You might remember Essence from her appearance on Another Round last year! 💅🏾


Fluff it up, Essence, fluff it up!

Another Round / Via Facebook: anotherround

“If this was gonna be one Afro puff, I would put in edge control. But because it’s two, you’re not really gonna see my edges. So why put in product if it doesn’t really matter?”


Essence said she applies minimal foundation when the weather is warm. She told us that, “In the summer, I don’t put on a lot of foundation, because I just don’t want a lot of stuff on my face.”

Another Round / Via Facebook: anotherround

She is wearing Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation in the shade Mocha. If you don't want to wear foundation but still want to smooth out your skin, Patrice recommends using a primer that will blur your pores and mattify your skin.

Patrice's summer beauty go-to is bold, bright colors. She said that summer events like music festivals are a good opportunity to experiment with bright colors and designs.

Another Round / Via Facebook: anotherround

Forget rules about what you "should" do — wear two lip colors! For her top lip, Patrice applied Colour Pop's Lippie Stix in the shade Climax , and on her bottom lip she went with Colour Pop's Ultra Matte Lip in Dr. M.


Grab a bunch in the middle of your shirt and start twisting it around itself. Wrap the tail around like a knot, and pull it through the middle. Tuck the rest of the tail under the knot for a rose effect!


See their full summer hack tutorial below.

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