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Another Round, Episode 39: The Betrayer Of The Patriarchy

Tech-guy-about-town Anil Dash talks mangoes, Master of None, diversity in tech, and teaching his son about feminism (with a little tangent about Bee Movie). Plus: our thoughts on Macklemore's "White Privilege II."

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With Tuesday comes a brand new episode of Another Round!

On this week's episode we interview Anil Dash, cofounder and CEO of ThinkUp, the creator of Makerbase (like an IMDb for tech), and a guy that you probably already follow on Twitter.

Instagram: @anildash

Here are links to a bunch of things we talked about:

What it feels like to see himself represented on screen in shows like Aziz Ansari's Master of None, and watching the episode "Parents" with his own parents.

"Mindy Kaling is our Jackie Robinson."

What's with tumblr's love for Bee Movie?

Traveling while brown, or, a series of interactions with the TSA.

Anil spent a year only retweeting women, and this is what he learned.

Get yourself some Alphonso mangoes. Or Kesars, for the pulp. Anil suggests getting them at Patel Brothers in Queens in early spring.

We also subjected Anil to a new game called "Peep This" aka "Guppy Tank," wherein we pitch him ~incredible~ product ideas, and he has to figure out whether they're real or fake.

Heben Nigatu

Venture capitalists, get at us! You know you need a Froomba in your life.

Also this week, Heben tells a What Had Happened Was about a childhood injury, and we share some brief thoughts on Macklemore's "White Privilege II," a song you may have seen some chatter about on the internet.

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Here are 7 random things you can look forward to hearing in this week's episode:

2. “TFW your wife leaves you for a bee.”


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This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter) and Jean Grae!

Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy podcast.

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