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    • Anonymousey

      I hate to say it, but asawoman,Ikind of agree toapoint.Idon’t think ANYONE deserves rape, but women who dress like sluts and act like sluts definitely can’t be surprised whenaman makes forceful unwanted advances.  On the other hand though,Isuffered severe sexual harassment and attempted assault while in the military, andIdefinitely wasn’t bringing it on myself.Isaw what happened to the girls who DID flaunt their shit and it was so awful, and unfortunately that male behavior began being directed towards the rest of us because the men grew to expect it. It really, really messed me up. Made me even get married asasubconscious effort to protect myself from those abusive fucks (that marriage has since ended and it tookaLOT of therapy for me to figure that out.) All parties are at fault in today’s society. Women act too much like skanks, and men are took comfortable treating women likeasex toy. We needaserious overhaul of humanity.

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