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Pvris Warped Tour 2015 Interview

Check out my interview (+ game!) with Pvris at Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL conducted on July 4th!

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Let's talk Paris--I mean, Pvris! (Yeah, it's pronounced in the same way, just FYI).

Last Saturday I was able to catch up with Lynn Gunn at Warped Tour, after her performance on the Shark Stage.

Pvris has been going non-stop, after touring with Mallory Knox, Pierce The Veil, and Sleeping With Sirens in the second leg of The World Tour, the band has released two videos, and then surprised fans with the announcement of playing all summer on Warped. Pvris has conquered the stage at every Warped show, as well the hearts of fans across the globe. With a recent music video release for "Holy" (and maybe a new video coming up soon!!), Pvris has set standards and goals to constantly have fans on their toes and waiting for more and NOT disappointed.

In the interview, Lynn discusses how--conveniently--one of her favorite performances was in the country that shares the band's name! She also talk about the coolest fan experience she's had, and a possible upcoming release from the band?

You may or may not have heard it here first!

Pvris Vans Warped Tour 2015 Interview

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