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PVRIS Shark Out Of Water Acoustic Set

PVRIS did an acoustic set at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL before kicking off the Wintour. Watch the FIRST EVER live performance of "You and I" here.

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The only other thing aside from college itself that could gather a bunch of college-aged kids is a pre-concert acoustic set from one of their favorite bands. (Okay, maybe it's not the only thing, but at least one thing.)

Thankfully, South Florida alternative rock radio station 104.3 The Shark helped do just that! The radio station held an event known as "Shark Out Of Water" at the L Bar in the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL. The event included a three-song acoustic set performed by Lynn Gunn and Alex Babinski of PVRIS, followed by a meet & greet and photo-op with the whole band.

Anomie Rose / Azalie Duque

In the brief performance, Lynn and Alex played a few songs. They started out with a heavenly rendition of "Mirrors" where the 30-people-or-so group was instantly entranced. The second song they performed was their latest single "You And I" which was absolutely stellar, and, as a matter of fact, was the first time they ever played it live and for an audience. They wrapped it up with their classic and very well-known hit "My House" leaving everyone in awe.

Anomie's Advice of the Day: If you ever have a chance to see PVRIS do an intimate acoustic show... POUNCE ON DAT OPPORTUNITY.

(P.S. Watch the video of their acoustic performance of "You And I" below!)

You and I - PVRIS acoustic LIVE at Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL

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