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Plaid Brixx Is Pretty Dang Bad

Because bad can mean good, right?

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Plaid Brixx just closed out their first U.S. tour as they opened for We The Kings' 10th anniversary tour along with Brightside and Cute Is What We Aim For. Their distinct alternative sound is no doubt what won them their spot on this concert series. With energetic bangers, bracelet throwing, handing out roses, and dynamic crowd interaction, Plaid Brixx made sure that after leaving the venue not a single soul would forget their presence or name.

Before the show I got to sit with lead singer Chris Duggan and talk about the tour, their recent experience on SXSW, and even what music and projects they might have in the works. Chris talked about his mindset to do nothing but evolve and grow--both as a musician and human--so with that attitude and passion it's only a matter of time before Plaid Brixx isn't just touring the country but conquering it.

Watch the full interview below to find out what Chris had to say about it all and then play a game of Word Association!

Plaid Brixx WTK 10 Tour Interview 2017

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