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Pierce The Veil Announces New Album 'Misadventures'


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So, for what seems like forever, fans have anxiously been waiting for Pierce The Veil to release a new album. Any news or updates have been gobbled down and held on to for dear life, but, finally... today... Pierce The Veil announced their new album Misadventures will be released this May 13th!

It's about time, too. We've all pretty much felt like Sirius Black in Azkaban.

The track list will be:

1. Dive In

2. Texas Is Forever

3. The Divine Zero

4. Floral & Fading

5. Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed

6. Circles

7. Today I Saw The Whole World

8. Gold Medal Ribbon

9. Bedless

10. Sambuka

11. Song For Isabelle

Pre-order the album and get the new single "Texas Is Forever" starting March 25th.

Check their semi-cryptic yet eerily enticing announcement video below

Pierce The Veil - New Album 'Misadventures' Coming May 13th

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