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Memphis May Fire Warped Tour 2015 Interview

Check out my interview + game with Memphis May Fire. at Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL conducted on July 4th! (‘Murica May Fire.)

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ANOMIE: Hi guys! Anomie Rose here, writer on Buzzfeed Community. How are you?

[Band collaboratively shakes head up and down]

Matty: We're good, we're good!

ANOMIE: That's great! Okay, last month you guys released "Stay The Course" a single that is going to be featured on your remastered deluxe CD. How do you feel your fans have reacted to this release?

Kellen: it's been good so far. I also think it's one of our best music videos, even though it is one of the simplest ones, I'd say. They seem to enjoy it. Corn liked it.

Cory: Yeah, it's fun playing it live. Learn those lyrics and come sing them with us this summer.

Kellen: Sure!

Matty: Amen, amen. Or you can mouth the bass parts. I want to see you moving one way or another.

ANOMIE: What is it about this re-release of Unconditional that makes it better or has you prefer it over the last one?

Matty: So the entire album is remixed, remastered for a better sonic experience. There's two brand-new songs on it, "Stay The Course" is one of them, there's another one called "My Generation". And, we did acoustic renditions of two other songs from the original release, "Need To Be" and "Beneath The Skin". They are going to be some crowd favorites, for sure. Maybe even so much that we will have to start playing an acoustic song live. Oh... maybe! We'll see.

Kellen: Why wouldn't you?

ANOMIE: What is the best part, or your favorite part, of being on the Warped Tour?

Anthony: Um, my favorite part about being on Warped Tour is getting to play shows everyday. I love to play shows, especially outside, the crowds are always really big. We have a lot of friends out here, so the friendship is always just awesome. Everywhere you turn, there is someone you've toured with, someone you relate with, someone you can share you day with. And it's really nice to have that friendship and companionship everywhere you turn, everyone here is really nice and I just love playing shows.

Cory: Camaraderie is a big part of it. It's like a moving city that tears down and builds up everyday.

Matty: Something about 2015, for whatever reason, this year feels the best so far. I think everyone is making an effort to be a team player and come out here, that's awesome.

Kellen: I really like to eat, and the catering does a fantastic job.

Matty: Ain't that the truth!

ANOMIE: So far this summer, what's the weirdest, or perhaps nicest, gift a fan has given you?

Anthony: I just got a painting of my dog, me and Matty got a painting of our dogs.

Matty: Yeah shout out to Emily Papas, she's amazing. And Jean, of course. They're awesome and they bring us stuff all the time. But I do have a very specific answer: the strangest, maybe coolest... oddest gift anybody's ever given to us--somebody brought us an 8-track of one of our albums. For those of you out there who don't know what an 8-track is, I don't blame you. It came out before cassette tapes! Even if you don't remember cassette tapes, which I don't blame you again, before DVD and Blu-ray, you know, we had CDs, before that LaserDisc, before that we had, um, tapes, and before that we had 8-tracks. It's pretty cool.

Cory: It's like a VHS for music, basically.

ANOMIE: Tour life is a very busy one, with a demanding schedule. How is it that you're able to balance your family's and your bands?

Anthony: Communication, communication, communication. The key is to stay in constant contact. You have to call, text the person all the time, but it can be hard. Like with my partner, I'm always in contact with her. So our relationship is very strong. But sometimes, I don't want to say I get selfish, but I get so busy that I forget to drop a call. I forget to call my folks and when I remember to, it's great. We get to talk and catch up.

Kellen: Well, I'm always on tour with my significant other. [Kellen and Cory look into each other's eyes lovingly] So it's not hard for me. [Whole band laughs]

Cory: It's true.

ANOMIE: Alright, so we're going to play a little game now. It's called "Band Superlatives," and it's going to be kind of like senior superlatives, from high school, except I'll give you a category and you'll tell me which of your fellow band mates best fits the category. So first one: most likely to be arrested at Wal-Mart"

[Anthony points at Cory]

Matty: Arrested at Wal-Mart? What could we possibly do that would have us arrested at Wal-Mart? I feel like it would be due to a misunderstanding...

Anthony: I can picture Cory getting arrested, by doing something accidentally, something that was misunderstood. He'd be crying in the backseat like "Please, please, please! I didn't mean it in that way!"

Cory: Yeah, I'd be like, "Hey Ant, please come bail me out. Go get a bail bond, I was arrested at Wal-Mart, long story." [whole band laughs]

ANOMIE: Most likely to corrupt the minds of young children.

Cory: [Shakes his head no] N/A!

Matty: Yeah, no one in this band.

ANOMIE: Most likely to actually be an alien.

Anthony: Me. [laughs] I can fart on command! I do this thing where I just [lifts leg] toot! And it's the first time I ever admit in public.

Cory: [to me] Yeah, you're in the danger zone.

ANOMIE: Best legs?

[Everyone points to Kellen's legs]

Anthony: Look at those things! They're beautiful, they're beautiful. For sure.

ANOMIE: Most likely to be in a Mean Girls movie.

Everyone: Cory.

Cory: [caresses self] I guess it would be me!

ANOMIE: Most likely to live alone and adopt six cats.

[Anthony points at Kellen]

Kellen: [swaying body] It would be me...

ANOMIE: Biggest drama queen.

[Anyhony's hand shoots up as Matty points at him]

Anthony: I have to take this one, I am the biggest drama queen of the band. I have a problem of making big things out of little things. It's bad, bad.

ANOMIE: Most likely to get catfished.

Kellen: [raises hand] Oh that would be me. Especially because it just happened.

ANOMIE: Oh my god, that's unfortunate. I'm so sorry.

Kellen: It's okay. [laughs]

ANOMIE: Alright, the next one: most likely to get lured into a kidnapping by fangirls.

Cory: I don't know, but it would probably be me.

ANOMIE: Most likely to accidentally say something stupid in an inappropriate moment?

Anthony: [hand shoots up] It wouldn't be on purpose. But I have this tendency to, like, for example, compliment someone about something, or make a general comment and they'll just be like "Oh yeah, but blah blah blah." Kind of like you and the catfish thing! For example, I'll compliment you on your beanie and tell you, "Hey, I really like your beanie!" And you'll be like, "Oh yeah, I have to wear it because I'm bald." It always happens, all the time. [Looks to rest of band, referring to me] What if she's like, "That's actually why I am wearing it." [whole band laughs]

Matty: I think you'd have to get out! [signals towards the door, laughing]

ANOMIE: Alright, and the final category, most likely to be in a Miley Cyrus music video!

Anthony: I feel like Jake. Jake would actually enjoy it.

Cory: He can twerk too.

Anthony: Cory has a twerk to be reckoned with as well. He doesn't like to admit it, but I have some footage that depicts otherwise.

Matty: [laughing] To be reckoned with!

Cory: See, we all have different styles, different niches... niches?

Anthony: See, I just have a key and what I do is, there is a secret slot [points to hips] and I unlock the hips. And then that's what happens.

ANOMIE: Alright, well, thank you guys so much! It's been a pleasure.

Matty: Yeah, sorry we're not cooler.

ANOMIE: Oh you're plenty cool!

Anthony: Yeah, we're cooler now that we're out of the sun! [Nudges into my arm]

ANOMIE: Pun intended.

DISCLAIMER: There originally was a video to this, but one of the band members (who shall remain nameless) accidentally turned off the mic, eliminating a big portion of the actual interview part. Nonetheless, I salvaged and lip-read what I could to transcribe the interview.

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