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Memphis May Fire March Of Madness Interview

Check out my interview with Matty Mullins and Jake Garland of Memphis May Fire before their show at The Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL during their run on the March of Madness Tour!

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Change in music is a natural progression for musicians. Matty Mullins addresses this in our interview, expressing how the difference in style on their last album This Light I Hold was bound to happen, and the only constant in their music is change. The band has been touring the states with blessthefall, The Color Morale, Sylar, and Bad Seed Rising. "It's been an awesome tour," says Matty, and the best parts of the March of Madness Tour have included some secret projects that will soon be announced according to him and Jake.

Watch the interview with Bad Seed Rising at the March of Madness Tour 2017

After our talk, Memphis May Fire put on a dynamic and lively show, with everyone shouting along from their hearts. The band performed some older songs from The Hollow and also banged out tunes from their more recent works. "This Light I Hold is a Memphis record through and through," says the vocalist. Evidently, while the music may evolve, their hearts are still in it and the shows are still as exuberant as ever.

Watch the full interview below to see what Matty and Jake had to say about the tour, their VIPs, and watch them play a game of Would You Rather!

Memphis May Fire March Of Madness 2017 Interview

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