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Crown The Empire Release Video For "Cross Our Bones"

The band released a new music video, but something was missing...

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Crown The Empire released a deluxe edition of their last album, The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways, which included two new songs, and new renditions of of Machines and Millennia. Today the band released a video for the new song "Cross Our Bones".

The song and video differ a lot from their previous work. Over the course of the last few months, the members of CTE have sent a series of tweets explaining how satisfied they are with the new direction the band is going in. Some have said they feel like they've "finally found themselves" in their new music.

One thing about this new video that is noteworthy is the absence of something. Well, perhaps not something but someone. Bassist Benn Suede is not found throughout the entire video. Many rumors have been circling that he quit the band, but the vast majority say he is just taking a break. Up until this past weekend, however, his Instagram page (@bennsuede) was full of photos, but today there is only one. His last tweet was on September 8 (@bennsuede), and it concerned the release of their single "Prisoners of War". Until an official announcement is made, we cannot conclude whether of not Benn has withdrawn from the band.

Watch the video for "Cross Our Bones" below and give your opinion on what you think is up with Benn's status in the band.

Crown The Empire - Cross Our Bones (Official Music Video)

View this video on YouTube / Via Rise Records YouTube Channel

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