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Boys Like Girls Resurface!?

When a band that's been silent for a long time posts something... it can only be good.

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Boys Like Girls / Via Boys Like Girls Facebook Page

Boys Like Girls is at the top of the "Bands I Listened To In My Emo Middle & High School Years" list. While they never announced a separation like other bands of their scene and time (Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., etc.) they have been rather silent for the past year. Not having tweeted since March 2015, or posted on Facebook since last October, the new and sudden post is turning heads. Yesterday, the band suddenly posted a single picture on all their social media with the caption, "10."

While it is obviously a reference to their album that turns 10 this year, there is much speculation. Is there a double meaning? Perhaps a countdown? Impending tour announcement? Deluxe CD reissue? What's your take on it? Leave your opinion below, and make sure to stay active on their social media to find out.

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