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Austin Carlile And His Health Issues

Of Mice & Men's front man appears to be having health issues again. But, he's a fighter, just like his fans.

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Earlier this month, Of Mice & Men had to cancel the last few shows of their Full Circle Tour. The band released a statement on Facebook saying that this was due to complications with Austin's health.

Prior to the cancellation of the latter tour shows, Austin had already been having some issues. He had tweeted a series of tweets that joined together said this:

"Thank you for tonight Denver, you were a sensational crowd. My body was exhausted, but you filled my spirit. Music is an incredible thing. I'm thankful to anyone who listens to, or supports myself & @OMandM... Living with #MarfanSyndrome can sometimes really be challenging, and on the days it gets the best of me, my body... You all are there filling these rooms & singing our songs back to us. You'll never really understand just how much that means to me & how much I need it in my life. It IS my life. I'm so grateful. So thank you. #FullCircleTour"

Apparently, Austin had not been doing so swell, and it had been affecting their shows. A fan who met him at a VIP meet and greet posted online that when she asked him how he was doing, he responded with an honest "Not so well, but I'll get better, so don't worry about me."

Nonetheless, Austin, whether it be in his songs, his spoken word, or his tweets, he continuously gives back all the support he receives. His latest series of tweets from yesterday, June 9th, went like this:

"Thank you for the get well wishes everyone. I'm transferring to Stanford University this week to be in care of my cardiologist & marfans specialist until my health situation at hand is under control. It has been a long past few days, and the ones following will be just as much of a struggle but I can do this. And I believe that whole heartedly.. If I believe in it. Then so should you. I'm so sorry to anyone who missed the last twoshows of our tour. I would have much rather been there than a hospital bed, I assure you. Love to everyone, band, family, you.
"I'm never giving up.
"Thanks for being there for me. Waking up over & over in the middle of the night, or the nurses helping me pee, reading the tweets help.<3"

So while the situation may be grave, fans shouldn't fret, but do what they do best: back up their singer who is not defeated, but temporarily wounded.

The best advice for Austin, his family, and fans?

"Don't let go, time will heal."

Even if it feels like forever.

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