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A Conspiracy Theory That Avril Lavigne Died In 2003 Has Resurfaced

"Like I'm not saying Avril is dead but. Avril is dead. And Melissa is weird."

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Twitter user @givenchyass posted about a Brazilian conspiracy thread regarding Avril Lavigne's supposed suicide in the early 2000s and her cover-up and replacement by look-alike Melissa Vandella.

avril lavigne is dead & was replaced by a look alike: a conspiracy theory thread

The thread (and theory) say that original Avril was not used to the public eye, so she hired a look-alike to parade around for her

so she decided to hire a look alike to walk around LA for her and pose for the paparazzi (avril on the left, look a…

This double, Melissa Vandella, is said to have replaced Avril after she killed herself in late 2003 after her grandfather's death. Below is a song Avril wrote about her grandfather's passing.

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Amidst pointing out missing birthmarks, tattoos, noting obvious shifts in music style, and Avril ("Melissa") fumbling for words when presented with this theory, many fans are finding "evidence" in songs supposedly released post-Avril suicide.


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