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10 Reasons You Need To Be A Patient At Wasatch Allergy And Asthma

You've probably heard about us, as we're one of the top rated allergy clinics in Utah. Read on to see why!

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1. We have neat clocks.

Don't tell me you've never wanted to turn those nobs when you come in for #Immunotherapy.

2. We have the coolest Nurse Practitioner in town.

Instagram: @wasatchallergy

Seriously. Gina has been with us since November, and you can't say she doesn't have the best jokes.

3. We're in 2 convenient locations.

Instagram: @wasatchallergy

If you're on of our Salt Lake Patients, you know it's hard to avoid the local #Ute pride, and our Riverton clinic is surrounded by a variety of great lunch places.

5. We're kid friendly.

Instagram: @wasatchallergy

You can entertain your children with fun books and great toys!

6. We have Wifi

Instagram: @wasatchallergy

Because we know waiting 30 minutes after an injection is hard.

7. The Entertainment

Instagram: @wasatchallergy

Check out that variety!

8. Our Staff

Instagram: @wasatchallergy

Because no one loves you more than the amazing people who work at Wasatch Allergy and Asthma. (Other than your mom.)

10. Our Website provides you with all the information about who we are and what we do. Check us out and comment below with any questions or give us a call and we'll schedule for an appointment!

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