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9 New Mouth Watering Foods At Smorgasburg 2018

The Brooklyn foodie flea market is returning this weekend with some new must eat foods. Is your body ready?

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Japanese Shaved Ice from Bonsai Kakigori

Instagram: @bonsaikakigori

A Mountain of ice is going to be the perfect snack when the weather starts to heat up

Deep Fried Cookie Dough

Instagram: @smorgasburg

Big Mozz and DO are two businesses that were already making great food. Now they have teamed up to give us the dessert we didn't know we needed.

Honduran Baleada from 504 HN Market

Instagram: @504hnmarket

I'll take 10

Canadian Tarts

If the tart from Btarts are as good as everything else from Canada they will have a line that wraps around the block.

All the lobster!

Instagram: @lobsterdamus

because french fries are really what lobster has been missing all this time

Sichuan rice noodle rolls

Instagram: @yayanoodz

filled with shrimp, pork, or butternut squash

Shawarma Tacos

Boutros is bringing their middle eastern cuisine to the streets

Banana Bread made by a 14 year old!

Take it home and make a banana bread sandwich. Do it.

Tibetan Dumplings

Can anyone actually say no to dumplings?

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