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    12 New Texas State Fair Foods That'll Literally Make You Gasp

    Howdy y'all, welcome to the Fried State of Texas.

    1. Doritos Bacon Mozzarella Cheese Stick

    Anna Bryant /

    How could I resist the decadence?

    2. Fried Jell-o

    Anna Bryant

    This is more like a deep-fried cupcake with a jell-o, center and I am into it.

    3. Fernie's Down Home Chicken Pot Pie Pocket with Mac 'n' Cheese Dip

    Anna Bryant

    Wait. What? Yes, all of this served up in golden flaky goodness. Fernie just cranks out the best of the fried fare every year.

    4. Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    Anna Bryant /

    If Texas has a soul, it'd be made of this ice cream.

    5. Crunchy Fried Oinker

    Anna Bryant

    A Texas-sized pulled pork slider for your Texas-sized taste buds. Served with a broccoli cole slaw, because you can't forget your vegetables.

    6. Edible Cola

    Anna Bryant /

    "Sip and bite" are the instructions given after ordering a soda that comes in an edible cotton candy flavored cup. If Mark Cuban likes it, then it must be worth something, right?

    7. Southern Fried Chicken n' Dumplins

    Anna Bryant /

    More fried carbs? Great, let's add some gravy this time.

    8. Deep Fried Pulled Pork Funyun Ding

    Anna Bryant

    This is a funyun stuffed with pulled pork, cheese, pineapple, and bacon. Need I say more?

    9. Fried Lite: Salmon Croquettes

    Anna Bryant

    Had a little too much breading for the day? These salmon croquettes are tasty and only lightly fried so you have plenty of room for all the french fries the come with.

    10. Cookie Fries

    Anna Bryant /

    These are a big hit this year, winning for "Most Creative." They're creative all right, and tasty as heck.

    11. Injectable Great Balls of BBQ

    Anna Bryant /

    The concept behind this idea is freaking genius: Inject the barbacue sauce into the ball so the outside stays crisp, instead of getting soggy from the sauce.

    12. Deep Fried Cannoli Bites

    Anna Bryant /

    Don't question what makes this like a cannoli — just taste the sugary goodness and slip into your deep food coma.

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