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Paid PostJan 30, 2018

Prep For A Date And We'll Tell You What Lingerie Will Help You Serve The Sauce

Romance yourself (or someone else) with some newness this Valentine's Day.

  1. What kind of date are you going on?

  2. How much time do you leave to get ready?

  3. What are you doing with your hair?

  4. Will you paint
    your nails?

  5. What beauty look are you going for?

  6. What type of shoes are you wearing?

  7. Your date texts to confirm what time and where you're meeting. You reply with...

  8. Who are you going to for moral support beforehand?

  9. What distracts you while you're getting ready?

  10. What vibe are you trying to give off?

Let’s be honest: The best bit of Valentine’s Day isn’t the set menu. Cancel the reservation and head back to the bedroom with Ann Summers.

Imagery courtesy of iStock / Getty Images