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Get Ready To Feel Old (for Australians)

If you're Australian like me, you probably remember many of these things from your childhood/young adulthood. But prepare to feel old, because did you know....

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1. Cheez TV hasn't been aired on television since 2004

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(Skip to 2:13 for a marijuana reference).

Ahh, Cheez TV. Almost 10 years since we've seen this beauty of a breakfast show. Who needed an alarm clock back in 2000 when majority of primary school-aged kids like me would be up at least 10 minutes before the show even started. Breakfast in front of the TV at 6 am was always the greatest whilst watching Jade and Ryan's hilarious antics, which coincidentally got their show cancelled after 10 long years. (Turns out jokes about weed and suicide aren't exactly age-appropriate. It all went over our heads anyway).

3. Greg 'The Yellow Wiggle' left The Wiggles in 2006

If you're anything like me, you were raised dancing and singing along to 'Fruit Salad' and 'Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car', and would probably know all the words if you heard them.

Although we were way past the target audience when Greg Page left The Wiggles, it was still sad to see him go.

4. Nikki Webster is now 26

Oh God I wanted to be her when I was young.

Many Australians would know her as the girl who sang and levitated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics opening ceremony.

But to young, impressionable Aussie girls: she was a goddess.

I remember being 5 years old and trying to convince my best friend that I was actually Nikki Webster in disguise. I was obsessed.

5. Stingray Died 6 Years Ago

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My favourite character from the long-running soapy: Neighbours.

Although he was only in the show for 4 years, he became a major character and beloved by many. I'm sure I'm not the only one who cried in his death scene. :'(

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