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10 Tips For Incoming College Freshmen

Everything will be okay.... eventually

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1. The first and most obvious tip... GO TO CLASS! / Via

Yes, they are long and some of your professors might be boring, but you will thank me when that first exam rolls around and you are not completely clueless as to whats on it. Trust me its a terrible feeling sitting down for an exam and not even knowing the answer to the first question, it happened to me the first two exams I took.

2. Don't get overwhelmed on move in day, everyone else has no idea what they are doing either, so you're not alone. / Via

All the other freshman that are moving in at the same time as you, have absolutely no idea what they are doing either, so don't stress. Even when your mom keeps asking you 10,000 questions, like mine did, and you can't answer even one of them.


It may seem like you brought plenty of money with you, but trust me you didn't, and you won't realize it it until you are only halfway through your first semester and you only have $27 left in your savings account.

4. Before you go out to party do yourself a favor, put a bottle of water next to your bed. / Via

When you wake up the next morning and your mouth feels like the Sahara Desert, like mine does almost every Sunday morning, you will thank yourself.

5. You will have to make the decision between partying and studying at least three times a week, pick studying at least once. / Via

Studying is very important and if you're thinking about going out on a Thursday, and you have an exam at 8 a.m. the next morning, don't. Take it from someone who has tried it before, you can't do it, save yourself the failing grade and just stay in that night.

6. Make sure you call home. / Via

Your parents probably miss you more than you think so make sure to talk to them. And if your mom is anything like mine she will call you 17 times until you pick up.

7. No one cares what you wear to class. / Via

Some people show up in pajamas, some people wear formal attire. I personally almost always show up in my pajamas.

8. Freshman 15 is a real thing, use your gym membership. / Via

You won’t know its happening until none of your clothes fit and you only have $0.73 in your bank account to buy bigger clothes.

9. Be a good roommate. / Via

You don't have to be best friends but it helps a lot if you are at least a good roommate, especially when you come stumbling home at 3 a.m. and forgot your keys and they have to let you in.

10. Have fun! / Via

I know it won't be hard to have fun, but make sure when you are neck deep in work or you are studying all night for finals that you take a little time to relax and have fun.

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