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The Unofficial Guide To College, According To Rory Gilmore

Coffee, pizza, and Paris are all you need.

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2. You're going to make a lot of unexpected friends and that's just half the fun.

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You'll have the first friends you made, your study buddies, and the friends that decided you'd make a great addition to their life.

3. Late night food binges are simultaneously the greatest and worst thing when you're older, because your stomach won’t be able to handle it.

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This is the only time in your life you'll be able to do this without your stomach deeply regretting it in the morning.

5. Study hard, party never, and go home often.

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If you're burying yourself in student loans, you might as well learn as much as you can. Plus, your desk at home is probably much better than the overpacked library.

7. Indulge yourself in anything.

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Like Rory, eat pizza as much you want, never fail to grab a Poptart for breakfast, and don't let anyone try to and change any habit you truly love.

8. Don't try and plan out everything in your life.

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As much as you might like writing out pro and con lists as part of your life plan, it's sometimes better to go with the flow.

9. But do plan for the future, because it will come sooner than you think.

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Having a plan post-graduation isn't a bad idea at all, even if that plan involves a lot of Netflix while pumping out cover letters.

10. You will see questionable things and you'll learn to accept it.

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Seeing casual naked people and Quidditch will become as normal to you as eating in no time.

11. Sleep in as much as you want because even if your 19-year-old self doesn't deserve it, your 28-year-old future self definitely does.

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In the real world, weekends are the only time to sleep in and you won't be able to stay in bed past 10 a.m.

12. Try new experiences — even if they are scary and you have to do it alone.

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Try out for acapella or go to a party alone — no one is judging you but yourself.

13. Date whomever you want, but don't let it consume you or become unhealthy.

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Relationships are great, but if they become a burden and make you unhappy, it's not worth it.

14. Challenge yourself in all that you do.

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Whether it's taking a statistics course, studying abroad, or taking five classes even though maybe you shouldn't, still give everything your best effort.

16. You'll get bored but that's your chance to try something new.

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Will your major bore you at you some point? Probably and that's when you should pick up a minor or try out a new club.

17. You will fall in and out of love with college.

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You'll wish you were in the workforce already or wonder if you should've gone somewhere else, until it's senior year and you start to remember everything that makes this place special.

18. The real world is daunting and you'll start to become more comfortable with the idea of having to get a job.

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You've heard it all before but it's true — everyone starts out small and doing hundreds of internships before they finally land the job they've always wanted.

19. Don't forget all the people who've helped you along the way.

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Whoever that is, always remember that they were the ones always encouraging you and giving you as much support as you needed.

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