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    24 Traits Of The Bay Area You'll Miss When You Move Away

    Do the Thizzle dance.

    1. Eating a real burrito.

    Dave / Flickr: ibison4 / Creative Commons

    If El Farolito isn't one of the best burritos around, nothing is sacred (and you are wrong).

    2. Feasting on an In-N-Out burger.

    Christian Kadluba / Flickr: pokpok / Creative Commons

    It's all about the secret sauce and getting a milkshake as a side.

    3. A world where almost everything was GMO-free, organic, and local.

    Kristen Taylor / Flickr: kthread / Creative Commons

    Come back to me, happy, pesticide-free oasis.

    4. Composting everything.

    Keith Getter/Keith Getter

    You know exactly what needs to be separated and that almost everything can always be compostable. You're so good that you've almost eliminated plastic from your life.

    5. Pog, the best tasting juice drink that has ever existed.

    apasciuto / Flickr: apasciuto / Creative Commons

    Passionfruit + orange + guava fruits = heaven in a drink. It's also a great mimosa mixer.

    6. Savoring Bob's Donuts and Dynamo Donuts.

    7. Bike lanes being (almost) everywhere.

    LoKan Sardari / Flickr: lokan / Creative Commons

    Got a bike? Want to feel safe while riding it? No problem — ride free and away!

    8. The beach never being too far away.

    Franco Folini / Flickr: livenature / Creative Commons

    If you want to dip your toes in the sand, you don't have to travel far. Stinson Beach, Point Reyes, Ocean Beach, and Baker Beach are all close by.

    9. Seasons consisting of lightly layered clothing.


    A T-shirt, followed by a light sweater, and a jacket you can always carry in your bag.

    10. West Coast mountains being real mountains.

    David Dugan / Flickr: foggydave / Creative Commons

    Mount Tamalpais may not be the highest peak in California or the U.S., but the 2,571-foot view from the top is unforgettable.

    11. Redwoods, sequoias, and palm trees are our skyscrapers.


    The "largest tree on Earth," General Sherman lives in the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park, just four hours away from the Bay Area. The tree weighs 2.7 million pounds, is 2,100 years old, and is 275 feet tall.

    12. Avocados being cheap and plentiful.

    Kristen Taylor / Flickr: kthread / Creative Commons

    Cheap avocados = amazing avocado recipes to try and guacamole for days.

    13. The rite of passage road trip down Highway 1.

    davitydave / Flickr: dlytle / Creative Commons

    You'll go over the Albion River Bridge in Mendocino, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, drive along Bodega Bay and Big Sur, drive along the Newport Beach area, and end at Capistrano Beach.

    14. West Coast hip-hop, both the classic and the new, are the sounds you crave.

    If you haven't listened to the classic songs of E-40, Too Short, and, Mac Dre or newer artists like Iamsu or Clyde Carson, you need to start today.

    15. Forgetting what it's like to talk to people who end every sentence like a question.

    Lions Gate Films / Via

    "Do you want to eat?" "Sure..." "Was that a yes or a no?' "It was a yes..."

    16. National monuments, forests, and parks being part of your backyard.

    Udax / Flickr: udax / Creative Commons

    Best part is sometimes you'll find yourself in a national park and won't even realize it.

    17. "No bag please."

    LaurelsPhotos / Flickr: 46585251@N06 / Creative Commons

    You're always prepared with at least three reusable bags when you go grocery shopping or else you'll look like you don't care about the environment.

    18. Doing yoga everywhere and anytime.


    You'll find yourself becoming super into yoga without even trying, mostly because there's so many free classes to try.

    19. No such thing as a "dress weird" or "be naked" day.

    Chris Chabot / Flickr: chrischabot / Creative Commons

    It's a given that someone will be naked at any time and any day and they won't treat it as an anomaly.

    20. Work was play and play was work.

    Lionsgate Television / Via

    The West Coast recently dominated Glassdoor's second annual Employment Satisfaction Report Card by City. People in San Jose and San Francisco are some of the country's most satisfied employees.

    21. There may be fewer teams to root for, but that doesn't stop fans from being super prideful.

    AP Photo/Eric Risberg

    If you ever find yourself at a San Francisco Giants game, be prepared to see nothing but orange and some of the most intense fans ever.

    22. Knowing that a 2 a.m. closing time is the perfect closing time.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    This means more time to watch Netflix till 3 a.m. and still feel like you socialized for the evening.

    23. There's nothing like the fog rolling in.


    Oh Karl the Fog, never change and keep doing you.

    24. Or the pitter-patter of rain falling during the winter season.

    Christian Arballo / Flickr: arballoimages / Creative Commons

    You'll never find yourself without an umbrella or raincoat during the rainy season.

    BRB, booking a plane ticket right now.


    Stay cool and beautiful West Coast!

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