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    24 Times People Completely Failed At LinkedIn

    Let's hope they've all learned a lesson from this.

    1. A user realizing what the job search is actually like. / Via

    BRB, going to go scream into a pillow for a bit.

    2. Users debuting new facial hairdos that say everything but "hire me." / Via

    People forget that being a professional also includes a professional face.

    3. Other users list every experience they've ever had, including those from their virtual childhood. / Via

    This user also clearly forgot to add "Pokémon Master."

    4. Bonus features that show you how popular you are. / Via

    This is almost as bad as emailing someone a job rejection six months after they applied for a job.

    5. Users who take (f)unemployment too seriously. / Via

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

    6. Advertisers forgetting that the internet is one big troll. / Via

    The "unhelpful high school teacher" meme somehow found its way onto an advertisement for tutoring.

    7. Users listing what they do in their free time as "experience." / Via

    Keep your dirty secrets a secret.

    8. People forgetting that not every skill is meant to be shared.

    9. When fake accounts decide to stalk your real account and give you hope.

    10. Some users using LinkedIn as a substitute for Tinder. / Via

    Networking and finding your true love — who says you can't have both?

    11. Getting endorsements for your more private skills.

    12. People who are too truthful about their past work experience.

    13. People who understand that LinkedIn is an open community, available for all. / Via

    There's unemployment in all sectors and walks of life.

    14. LinkedIn users reminding you that some roads are best not taken. / Via

    Money isn't everything...unless it pays your rent and buys your food.

    15. Reading about a user's personal issues that are best left at the doctor's office. / Via

    Thought leaders sometimes have too many thoughts to share.

    16. LinkedIn becoming the equivalent of Yahoo! Answers for people. / Via

    Respond or don't respond — that is the question.

    17. Wondering why users are reading and sharing these posts.

    *opens LinkedIn, sees headlines recommended for me, throws laptop out window*

    Dan Oshinsky@danoshinsky

    *opens LinkedIn, sees headlines recommended for me, throws laptop out window*

    4:22 PM - 01 Aug 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    18. Seeing what people list as professional experience and remembering things can be worse in life.

    19. LinkedIn not screening for potential skills that are problematic. / Via

    One of these skills is not like the other and nor is it funny.

    20. Browsing the news from other users and it suddenly becomes NSFW.

    21. Realizing that crazy comments can happen anywhere on the internet. / Via

    You can't ever avoid it and you can never help reading it.

    22. Knowing that unemployment is never anything to congratulate someone for. / Via

    Especially if someone lists it as a joke.

    23. Finding out what people do for a living and being grateful for what you have. / Via

    Everyone has to do things they don't want to do sometimes — it's all about how you frame that experience.

    24. Getting constant reminders from other users that you should be back in undergrad. / Via

    It wasn't so hard and the real world reminds you that you are in no way employable.

    But, you can always count on LinkedIn keeping it real and putting you in your place. / Via

    It's almost like getting a job rejection but even worse because not even LinkedIn can find you a job.

    Happy job hunting!

    Warner Bros. Television / Via

    (h/t to reddit).

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