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These Are Your Saddest Tweets

Don't worry, sad tweets are still real tweets. H/t Rhizome.

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Your saddest tweets are those that haven't been retweeted, favorited, or replied to.

Via Twitter: @AndrewDZiegler

The website shows tweets from a wide range of time like "4 months without a RT or Favorite" and not just your tweets from recent days.

It's pretty simple to use: the website will ask to become an authorized app on your Twitter account and in seconds, you'll be able to see your saddest tweets.

Via Twitter: @itstheannmarie

The creative company that created the website, PARTY NY, is able to find these tweets by using Twitter's API. It "allows us to pull the last 1,200 tweets you tweeted," said Tom Galle, creative technologist at PARTY NY to BuzzFeed.


"We hope that people enjoy using it and we hope people gain some insight by looking at social media in an alternative way," said Galle.

Via Twitter: @jgrebes

The project also helps out the company by allowing them to further understand users and new technologies for their creative work.