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This Woman's Project Depicting Gun Violence Victims' Last Words Is Incredibly Powerful

"I don't have a gun. Stop shooting."

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As the events in Ferguson, Mo., continue, one journalist and filmmaker created an image series titled "Last Words," which depicts 11 victims of police violence and their last words before dying.

Shirin Barghi / Via Facebook: shirine.barghi

Shirin Barghi, the creator of these images, posted these photos on her Facebook and Imgur, alongside a news story with the quote of the victims' last words.

Barghi told BuzzFeed in an email she made these images because "the struggle to dismantle structures of oppression resonated with me."

Shirin Barghi / Via Facebook: shirine.barghi

"I came of age in a country where police violence and state repression was pervasive," she said. "While the shape and color of that violence changes from place to place, its fundamental characteristics are sadly predictable and universal."

Barghi, a Muslim-Iranian woman, felt a need to create these images because it spoke to her experience.

Shirin Barghi / Via Facebook: shirine.barghi

"Seeing the way the authorities here used terms like "rioters" and "looters" to dismiss and trivialize overwhelmingly non-violent demonstrations in Ferguson was painful," said Barghi. "It brought back vivid memories of similar tactics used by Iranian officials against protestors in 2009."


"It makes us wonder what our last words would be if the police became violent towards us based on the color of our skin, something most people in this country, including myself, will rarely, if ever, experience."