This Woman's Project Depicting Gun Violence Victims' Last Words Is Incredibly Powerful

    "I don't have a gun. Stop shooting."

    As the events in Ferguson, Mo., continue, one journalist and filmmaker created an image series titled "Last Words," which depicts 11 victims of police violence and their last words before dying.

    Barghi told BuzzFeed in an email she made these images because "the struggle to dismantle structures of oppression resonated with me."

    Barghi, a Muslim-Iranian woman, felt a need to create these images because it spoke to her experience.

    By focusing on the victims' last words, Barghi wanted to created a dialogue beyond statistics.

    Barghi said she has experienced police brutality, "but nothing like what is happening in Ferguson now or anything like what black and brown folks regularly experience here."

    "It makes us wonder what our last words would be if the police became violent towards us based on the color of our skin, something most people in this country, including myself, will rarely, if ever, experience."

    The images have over 600 likes and 10,000 shares on Facebook.

    "I hope people of all races are encouraged to learn more about the pervasive nature of racism and police violence, and to begin acting together in order to end it," she said.

    Many of the victims' cases are still pending.

    Currently, there are 11 images in "Last Words." Barghi plans to make more.

    Protests continue in Ferguson and around the nation.