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These Dogs In Wheelchairs Will Inspire You

There's a magical place in Germany where wheelchair-bound dogs get to live life to the fullest. H/t The Dodo.

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Meet these wheelchair-bound dogs that love to live life.

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They live in an animal sanctuary in Lanzenhainer, Germany.

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Gritta Götz, who runs the sanctuary, told The Dodo that "more than two dozen formerly-unwanted dogs" live on her sanctuary.

Eight of these dogs are wheelchair-bound, which are also known as wheelcarts.

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Despite being handicapped, these dogs still enjoy playing games like fetch.

Gritta Goetz / Via

Just look at how happy they are to be outside!

Gritta Goetz / Via

Dogs can do anything! Huzzah dogs!

The world is a brighter place — have a happy day now!

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