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Adorable Goats Grazing Adorably Under Brooklyn Bridge Abruptly Removed In Not-So-Adorable Fashion

An art installation has taken a bizarre turn. UPDATE: The mutton scare has reached a happy resolution and the goats are being donated to an educational farm.

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Over in DUMBO, a small pasture has popped up and goats are grazing in it till 6 p.m. today!

They are too adorable to handle and eager to see you!

You can take selfies with them...

...or get super up close and personal with them!

And yes, you can pet them!

The pasture, which is part of an installation by Andrea Reynosa, is "an exercise in art, agriculture, and urban design."

While the goats are only here today, the clover fields will remain till the end of summer.

So go and say hi to the goats before they leave!

According to Gothamist the goats have been loaded into a Halal truck which bore the logo for New York eatery Madani Halal. BuzzFeed has reached out to Brooklyn Bridge Park, the group overseeing the pasture, for comment.

We reached out to Brooklyn Grange, the group looking for a new home for the goats who told us this: "We're seeking out a nice home for them with plenty of grass, clover and other yummy things for them to chow down on. The 5 goats in our installation are being donated to a local educational farm, and will continue to live happy lives at pasture for years to come. Madani Halal has been a great partner on this project—they helped source and transport the goats for us, and they have also been helpful in seeking out an appropriate next home for the goats."

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