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21 Struggles Of Having Bangs

To trim or not to trim? The eternal question.

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1. You thought you would look like this:



2. You have to trim them every two to three weeks which always ends with you in tears.

Apatow Productions / Via

Seeing your hairs across the bathroom sink just makes you yell, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" Meanwhile, the rest of your hair grows at a normal pace.

3. Every time you go to the salon, the stylist says, "You cut these yourself didn't you?"

Kaling International / Via

You bow your head in shame because you know it's true but you'll keep doing it anyways.

5. Speaking of which, your bangs also become part of your glasses.

Big Machine Records, LLC. / Via

It suddenly becomes crucial to carry a lens wipe with you everywhere or live with foggy vision.

6. Getting sweaty = curvy, flippy bangs and escaping to the bathroom to fix them every five minutes.

This also happens in humid, hot, and all around bang-hating weather. Every day is another day to remember how terrible weather can be!


7. Putting in contacts means trying to avoid your bangs at all cost or begin your day by poking your eye.

You'll curse, you'll laugh, you'll cry — thanks bangs!

10. Having curly hair bangs means rising at sunrise to style them.

Yes, curly haired people can get bangs. No, it does not have any fewer struggles. Yes, you get up at 7 a.m. to get them ready.

11. Bangs end up requiring more hair products than your actual hair and will cost more than rent.

New York Magazine / Via

They need so much maintenance that you'll realize what it's like to have a child.


12. Bangs hide and create acne so they leave you with no other option but to order Proactiv.

De Passe Entertainment / Via

The easiest solution is to cut your bangs but who likes taking the easy way out?

15. Sometimes you trim too much and you can kiss your social life goodbye.

NBC Universal / Via

You begin to pray that hopefully no one will notice and comment. Worst of all is when they ask, "Did you just get bangs or something?"

16. So you decide to pay for bang trims until you realize it's like paying for a private school education.

True Entertainment / Via

For a five-minute procedure, you'd think that you'd be getting a full hair makeover, highlights, and a blow out.


17. Getting a haircut always means you'll get new bang hair you didn't want, forcing you to invest in bobby pins.

This then leads to your new problem: finding bobby pins all over your house/life and poking your head with them.

18. If you do any type of sports, you'll be forced to live in headband hell.

This also applies to putting your sunglasses up during the summer — just try and do it in a semi-hot way.

19. The phantom bang hair that develops into "I have a migraine from looking up too much."

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

It's not really on your face but the headache you get from trying to spot it is your gift for searching.

20. Your best friend gets bangs and now you’re both twins without meaning to be.

Handout / Reuters

Guess who's no longer your best friend? Desperate times call for desperate measures.


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