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23 Very Real Struggles All '00s High Schoolers Will Never Forget

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1. Hiding your Sidekick underneath your desk while you hit up all your friends.

2. Or, learning how to use T9 on your *modern* Razr phone that all your friends were jealous of.

3. Constantly changing your Myspace top 8 to make all your friends happy.

4. Deciding which Fall Out Boy songs should be on your brand new iPod.

5. Getting caught passing notes or writing inappropriate things on your graphing calculator.

6. Writing your every gut-wrenching and real thought on your Xanga or LiveJournal.

7. Or alternatively, drawing all your feelings on Deviantart and trying to sell it.

8. Hiding in the library to play your Yu-Gi-Oh cards, with one eye on the door to make sure no adults caught you.

9. Perfecting your AIM profile so that it would show who you really are, deep down inside your dark soul.

10. Making sure you saved *at least* 10 customized away messages that were suited to your different moods.

|| tHERE ARE MANY THiNGS THAT i WOULD LiKE T0 SAY T0 YOU BUT i DONT KN0W HOW. •*•*•* {the OC s0undtrack}

your away message@YourAwayMessage


{the OC s0undtrack}

4:39 PM - 09 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

11. Begging your parents for a digital camera so you could take the perfect mirror picture.

12. Printing out directions via MapQuest to get to your friends house and always forgetting to print out the return directions.

13. Skipping out on after-school activities just to rush home and play the latest SIMS 2 game.

EA Games / Via

14. Shamelessly still playing Neopets and buying paintbrushes like it was your job.

Neopets, Inc /
Neopets, Inc. /

15. Sadly outgrowing Claire's because it wasn't as edgy and cool as Hot Topic.

16. Having to go to the library to do research because Google was still not a credible enough source for your teachers.

17. Going to Blockbuster and feeling the horror of seeing that someone had rented out your favorite DVD and you'd have to call every day and check until they returned it.

18. Making the trek to FYE to buy the latest Black Eyed Peas and Akon albums.

19. Listening to the radio on the weekends for the top 100 countdown.

20. Complaining about having to pay $7 to watch a regular movie.


These days, you have to pay at least $10 to watch anything.

21. Going to the your friends house who lived really far away just to play 20 minutes of Guitar Hero.

22. And if Guitar Hero wasn't your thing, DDR definitely was.

23. Being caught with the same Hollister shirt as 12 other people on the same day — picture day.

But through all the AIM conversations and burning mix CDs, you graduated and made it through high school!

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