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22 Stages You Have When Your Best Friend Is Getting Married

I wish you the best...but we're still friends forever right?!

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4. But now it's wedding planning time which means every time you want to go to happy hour, your friend wants to work on her Pinterest wedding board.

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There are only so many times you can look at different wedding invitations and flower arrangements.


6. And even after sitting through hours of helping plan their wedding, they still prefer to spend their weekends with their fiancé and not at a bar with you.

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You try not to take it personally, but why would anyone turn down happy hour?


12. Then comes the day when you receive the invitation! It's officially real and the countdown has begun.

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You're excited to see it all come together (and to stop hearing about wedding plans nonstop).


13. You slowly come to the realization that there is now a finite number of days that your best friend is yours only.

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You remind their fiancée that you knew them first every day, no matter how annoyed they get.


17. The days suddenly fly by and it's rehearsal dinner night. You eat and smile but you're also a little wistful about losing your partner in crime.

19. The next couple of days after the wedding feel normal but you definitely have that phantom limb feeling.

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You want to text them your every thought still but know that you need to give the newlyweds some space.