Some People Are Not Shaking Off Taylor Swift's New Music Video

    Haters gonna hate. For good reason?

    Taylor Swift has been criticized for "perpetuating Black stereotypes" after releasing a music video for her new single, "Shake It Off," on Monday, Aug. 18.

    On Twitter, rapper Earl Sweatshirt said that he didn't "need to watch" the entire video to find some of its scenes "ultimately harmful."

    haven't watched the taylor swift video and I don't need to watch it to tell you that it's inherently offensive and ultimately harmful

    perpetuating black stereotypes to the same demographic of white girls who hide their prejudice by proclaiming their love of the culture

    Earl's comments were echoed by others, who called attention to one scene where Swift dressed as a B-boy, and another where ballet dancers were portrayed solely by white women.

    why are white girls ballerinas and the ones that twerk black thats racist af @taylorswift13

    You know what this Taylor Swift video is missing? Some nice graffiti by Bieber. Let’s be urban, everyone! Yay, cupcakes.

    i still can't believe taylor swift dressed up as a woc and mocked them and female hip hop and everyone thought it was cute and not racist

    Country Taylor Swift > 'Hip hop' Taylor Swift

    That new Taylor Swift video is a Joke. The same person "traumatized" by Kanye is now twerking and wearing hoop earings. #offensive

    Irony is nothing but a lack of conviction.

    Others expressed discomfort at the song's cheerful tone against the day's ongoing protests in Ferguson, Mo.

    "everything’s gonna be just fine, guys!" *tear gas*

    Taylor Swift is twerking while Ferguson is burning. That's pretty much America in 140 characters or less.

    Cool, so is Taylor Swift going to raise awareness of Ferguson for her fans now? Oh, no, just the twerking? Shake it off, I guess.

    Following critiques, many came to Swift's defense. Tumblr user Orhgasm wrote:

    as a proud ass black man, the taylor swift video for her new song "shake it off" was not problematic or even close to racist.If you bothered to watch the video, the video was about being happy and dancing and celebrating other people's dancing. One of them happened to include twerking. Taylor was not "cultural appropriating" anything and she wasn't "being racist" by only having black woman in that part of the video. there are many other african americans in the video and in her many other videos so even calling her racist means you need to log out. She was celebrating people's dancing and how they celebrate music throughout the video and a large variety of black woman twerk. Would it honestly make sense if Taylor had 100 or so white girls try to twerk? Either way, y'all would still throw hate or shade either way. But calling her racist is the shit I don't stand for because she isn't.

    Others invoked the "haters gonna hate" refrain from "Shake It Off."


    Of course no one wants to mention the fact that she has white girls twerking too. Taylor Swift racist? Come on.

    Ppl stfu about 'Taylor Swift discriminating against black stereotypes' in Shake It Off. This is Americas sweetheart we're talking about gtfo

    Taylor Swift is making fun of herself in her new video. If you've ever said, "I'm offended by a TS video." ...Reexamine your priorities.

    her haters should feel proud and honored cause the Taylor Swift wrote a song for them. #vote5sos #MTVHottest

    If you think that the new Taylor Swift song is anything except solid gold perfection wrapped in rainbow coloured silk then you're dead to me

    And someone, somehow, made this about Keri Hilson:

    Say what you will about Taylor Swift's new video, I'm still heated about Keri Hilson misappropriating TLC