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22 Signs You're Never Going To Get Over Your '00s Indie Rock Days

♫ New slang when you notice the stripes ♫

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4. You secretly still have your MySpace to find new music.

Remember the good 'ol days of hearing sneak peeks of Arcade Fire on the site?


8. You either own or nurse a soft spot for rectangle black-rimmed glasses because they were just edgy enough.

9. Deep within your closet is a bag from Dickies you refuse to throw out and sometimes use shamelessly.

13. You still visit Pitchfork, even though all the critics you used to crush on have moved on.

14. You have no shame in admitting that songs by Cat Power, Belle and Sebastian, and Iron and Wine made you cry sometimes.

16. You still get pumped every time a new song is released by SubPop Records or Saddle Creek Records.

19. There will never be a day when you don't write lyrics on your converse shoes.

20. You still make mix CDs because they are the only way for you to communicate your feelings.

22. Even today, you still sit in coffee shops, listening to Modest Mouse or pretending it's 2001 and The Strokes' debut album has just been released.

You'll never forget the golden days of indie rock — indie kids forever!