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    21 Reasons You Should Call Your Grandparents Right Now

    It's been a while hasn't it?

    1. You probably haven't talked to your grandparents in a while which means you've forgotten how awesome they are.

    2. Whether it's a phone or skype call, it's the cutest thing when they ask every two minutes if you're still there.

    3. It makes you smile when they tell you how much they miss pinching your cheeks.

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    And while they can't do right at that moment, you know you're already wishing they could do it right then.

    4. They love telling you to enjoy your youth because they sure as hell did (and still do).

    5. They're the only people who know how to give a loving backhanded compliment.

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    It may sound terrible, but they mean well.

    6. They tell you about their weekend adventures which include five different lunches and dinners with friends.

    7. They teach you more about respect in a two minute conversation than anyone ever could.

    8. If you're feeling a little low, there's nothing like a pep talk from your grandparents.

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    There's just something about hearing it from them that really does feel like everything will be alright.

    9. You've probably forgotten that back in their day, they rode the struggle bus more than you have.

    10. You need someone to remind you the truths about this world...

    11. ...and the important things in life.

    12. As wild as a child you may be, they were definitely wilder.

    13. They're more concerned about your health than you are.

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    There is nothing like hearing the classic "If I was younger and had just listened to my elders..." and knowing that they're probably right.

    14. You might not always understand their advice, but you should always listen.

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    It doesn't matter if it's outdated or doesn't apply to you, just pay attention.

    15. Grandparents keep it real with the sex talk.

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    The subtle not so subtle "take care of yourself" conversations make you cringe but are totally necessary.

    16. Each time they think a word they don't know means something dirty = bonus laughs for you.

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    Saying the words selfie, snapchatting, or some obscure band name will leave them in shock but make you tear up laughing.

    17. There's nothing more satisfying than watching them put your parents in their place.

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    Their comebacks and the looks on your parents faces are priceless.

    18. If you need a confidence booster, look no further than your grandparents.

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    They see you for who you are and love every little bit of you.

    19. You probably need a reminder to do something for the benefit of others.

    20. And even if they talk your ear off...

    21.'s those conversations you'll always love and cherish!

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