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20 Reasons Working Retail In The Summer Is The Worst

This is going to be the best summer ever! Except it won't be, because you'll be indoors all day.

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1. Summer nights are great...for staying at your store folding clothing.

You get to do a perfect fold, while everyone else is at a bar.

2. It's 85 degrees out and a perfect summer day — time to hit the beach!! Except for you.

You get to stay inside and help other people pick out their beach clothing!

3. Every time it's a federal holiday, most of your friends go away while you get to deal with crazy sales.

They'll come back "refreshed" and you'll still be under the pile of clothing from the Fourth of July sale.

4. Your 20% discount is useless because why would you buy summer clothing you can't appreciate?

5. It's really hot outside but you have to dress like it's below 40 degrees because your store is that cold.

Leaving the house without at least one sweater and scarf means you'll be a popsicle by noon.

6. Everyone has a nice summer tan, but you look like you haven't seen the sun in over a year.

Paramount Pictures / Via

By the time Halloween rolls around, you can dress up as a ghost without even trying.

7. You spend most of your paycheck on eating out for lunch just to try and get rid of your paleness.

Feeling the sun on your skin for thirty minutes is your version of laying on the beach.

8. Your floor manager is your best friend and worst enemy since they control your schedule.

The only thing you've seen grilled all summer is the floor manager grilling you.

9. Your friends keep asking you to day drink but that phrase has lost all meaning to you.

Hartswood Films / Via

And every time you can do something fun like that, it's either always raining or your friends are busy.

10. While some like to sleep in on the weekends, you get to wake up at 9 a.m. for an early shift to do inventory.

Universal Pictures / Via

Nothing says "school's out!" like still waking up at your normal hour.

11. "Happy hour" means getting out before midnight on a weekday.

NBC Universal / Via

You're even luckier if you're in bed by one a.m.

12. Most of your friends complain about being SO BORED at home, while you'd give anything to be bored for one second.

Every time your manager finds you bored at work, you end up doing more cleaning at work than you do at home.

13. Your Instagram is full of other people going on vacation with their family, while you can't remember the last time you were home for dinner.

Your parents have even stopped asking you what you want for dinner since you won't be around.

14. Oh there's a new video game? Have fun playing it for five minutes during your lunch break.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via

It's like having a Tamagotchi in elementary school all over again.

15. Free concerts? For you mean listening to the store's summer playlist on repeat for the next three months.


If you try really hard, it's ALMOST like your own private show.

16. Some of your friends have planned a road trip but the only road you'll be seeing is your commute to your job every day.

Universal Pictures / Via

"The road not taken" suddenly has new meaning and it means FOMO.

17. "Water fights" means someone's clogged up the toilet again.

And guess who gets to clean it? YOU!

18. If you want to go camping or do any kind of outdoor activity, you have to make sure it's planned at least a month in advance so you can request time off.

Otherwise, it's like you asked to go kayaking an hour before calling out from work.

19. The only time you catch anything you want to watch on Netflix is during the bleak ten minutes when you first get home work.

Nicktoons Productions / Via

Your eyes are telling you to go to sleep but you keep going anyways.

20. While your friends are enjoy the sweet smell of freedom and sea salt at the beach, you're stuck inhaling the cologne from Hollister.

NBC Universal / Via

The smell follows you home even if you never entered the store.

But even though you'll be spending your summer indoors, you'll be making money to enjoy someday!

You can do it — only one more month!

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