21 Reasons Why Fievel The Mouse Was The Hero We All Needed As Kids

    Who needs Simba when you've got Fievel to save the day?

    1. Fievel was never afraid to make friends wherever he went on his adventures.

    2. And if life got a little scary, he reacted in the same way anyone would: yell and hope for it to be over soon.

    3. And even when he was in trouble, it never stopped him from stating the obvious.

    4. Though he got lost plenty of times, he never got too upset about it.

    5. He loved his family in the same way kids love candy — truly and unconditionally.

    6. He always knew to listen to his family...

    7. ...even if they got a little overbearing at times.

    8. Fievel was the original trendsetter of oversized shirts.

    9. He always remained humble, even though he accomplished so much for a little mouse.

    10. He always landed in tricky situations that he always figured out how to escape.

    11. His respect for his parents always made you want to be a little nicer to yours.

    12. He lets his siblings, especially Tanya, dream their dreams.

    13. He was just generally the older brother you wish you had.

    14. Fievel taught you that no trick was too much to learn.

    15. His appreciation for music made you wish you could play the violin.

    16. No place or friend was below or above him — he treated them all equally.

    17. And sometimes his imagination got the best of him, which is fine because who doesn't let that happen to them?

    18. He too, has experienced FOMO.

    19. But, he keeps his cool and doesn't let it get to him.

    20. Even when he was struggling, he did it all with a smile.

    21. And most of all, Fievel taught you to always stand up for yourself!