23 Seemingly Questionable Choices You Need To Make Your Senior Year Of College

    You're only a senior once, after all.

    1. Ruin your best white t-shirt by throwing a lot of paint on it at a classic highlighter party.

    2. Hanging upside down to drink from a keg might just be the perfect way to spend some time.

    3. Competing in Beer Olympics during your last finals week will reward you in so many more ways than an A on your last final.

    4. Running around naked on Senior Streak Day with your friends is the only way to cement a friendship.

    5. Turn off your alarm and sleep until 3 p.m. when you don't have class. Or, even if you do have class.

    6. Break your budget and splurge on your final spring break because this is the last time you and your friends can do this with ~no regrets.~

    7. Disobey the ultimate rule and sneak onto one of your school's rooftops and see some of the greatest views ever.

    8. Go ahead and hook up with someone you've tried not to. You're allowed to do whatever you want.

    9. When in doubt, skip class. And if you're not in doubt, consider it anyways.

    10. Pull tons of all-nighters, just don't do them to write a paper.

    11. Kiss whoever you want to with zero shame.

    12. Take a class on something you've always wanted to try and be proud of the C+ you get at the end.

    13. Nothing bonds a senior class than a silly senior prank that makes sense to absolutely no one.

    14. Don't shy away from debating with your professors, this is your last chance to have a good academic showdown.

    15. Wear that banana costume. Wear ANYTHING.

    16. If you haven't tried the magical wonders of day drinking, this year is the time to do it.

    17. Put the library to good use for once and have some fun in between the stacks.

    18. Backpacks have one sole purpose in life: to stuff as much free college food as possible in them.

    19. Go to a sports game, get some school spirit, and deliberately hug the mascot.

    20. Go on a road trip with your best friends, where you only listen to '90s music and survive off of corn nuts.

    21. Got a paper to write? Lay outside on the quad instead.

    22. Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, don't miss out on seeing a sunrise light up your campus.

    23. But no matter what rules you break during senior year, taco Tuesday is sacred so don't ever skip it.

    But the most important thing to do your senior year is to enjoy it because it goes by way too fast!