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21 Pieces Of Advice Every College Student Can Use

"The work never ends, but college does..."

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1. Go for the education, not the degree.

Yes, even if you're pre-med or want to go to business school after college, try to soak up as much as you can and try new subjects not related to your degree.

2. Paying attention in class = less time spent on homework = more fun.

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Is it much easier to skip class and go on Facebook during class? Sure, but you'll regret it.

3. Any and all class participation is a huge deal and can make a difference.

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Professors always notice these small gestures and you'll get more out of class that way too.

4. If you focus in class, you might end up making new friends much more easily.

Paying attention in class may lead you to meeting your new best friend who wants a study buddy.

5. But don't always lock yourself in your room to study — take breaks and relax a little.

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Watch a movie or three. Either way, live the college dream of no rules.

6. Studying isn't everything — join extracurriculars.

These are the only four years of your life during which you can always find time to play Quidditch or join the school paper.

7. Don't pretend to like something just to get along with people.

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White lies are great until you and your roommate are in a huge fight because you really don't like a messy place.

8. Don't make a rookie mistake and wait until you're a senior to do an internship.

Long summer breaks are great, but so is getting work experience so you can enjoy your adult life more!

9. If you didn't find an internship, get a job to grow your people skills.

10. Study abroad — it's always worth it, so try to make it happen.

The world is your oasis — start loving it now!

11. Find a mentor who can teach you about both life and career goals.

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They aren't always in your department, so look everywhere!

12. If you have trouble with productivity or with a subject, download a few apps to get your life organized.

From homework to organization apps, there is literally an app to help with any aspect of your life.

13. Take advantage of your college resources — from the library to the health clinic.

14. Always buy used textbooks and sell your old ones.

15. Embrace your strengths — you don't have to prove anything to your high school self.

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Whether it's math or literature, you don't need to prove anything to anyone.

16. Never stop applying to scholarships — they're everywhere and you can find one that will hopefully help you out!

17. Don't get too caught up in your romantic life — there's more to college than dating.

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18. If you need to take out loans, try and take out only what you need.

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Sure, having extra money for your party weekends seems great at the same time, but it might mean you have to tighten your budget later in life.

19. It's OK to ask for help — get help from a tutor. If you're doing great, become a tutor and help out one of your friends!

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20. Stay in touch with your family — try to call them at least once a week.

They may talk a lot and ask too many questions, but they love you!

21. College goes by quickly — enjoy every part of it!

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