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What's The Most Embarrassing Thing You've Ever Done In Front Of A Crush?

Snorting doesn't count. Falling, farting, and vomiting do.

Having a crush is almost like being in a relationship.

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You think of them every day, wonder what they're doing, and count down the hours until you'll see them again.

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But the next time you see them, your usual composed self comes undone.

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All of your hard work starts to crumble.

You end up either falling or tripping over things.

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"I once knew a clumsy girl who was dancing on a stage and then literally fell off the edge. This all happened in front of her crush, who, after seeing her fall, rushed to catch her."

Or you accidentally interrupt your crush while they're on a date.

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"I was walking into the cafe on campus and saw my crush sitting alone. I went up to him and asked how he was doing; at that moment a girl came up and I thought she wanted to take the chair I was sitting in. I told her: 'Oh, I think I'm sitting here,' and she gave me the shittiest look and said: 'Really? We're kind of on a date.' I wanted to cry."

Or maybe you end up vomiting on them.

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"I had just taken a super strong shot when my crush came up to me and we started talking. It was one of the first shots I'd ever taken and I thought I was going to be fine. But, as I was laughing at a joke my crush had made, my body rejected the shot and I threw up all over him. I began apologizing and realized something was in my nose, so I snorted it out and it turned out to be more vomit."

Unfortunately, we've all been there. So tell us the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in front of your crush.

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Awards and badges will be given to the most cringe-worthy submissions. It's a judge free zone, so share away!

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