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23 Life-Changing Lessons Relationships Can Learn From Junk Food

Real love is fried, less than $10, and 100 percent unhealthy for you.

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2. Junk food won't get mad if you don't text or call it back.

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In fact, junk food doesn't care if you respond one minute later or two days later. You can even make junk food your phone.


10. It doesn't care about any possible stains it might leave on your furniture.

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If junk food leaves stains, they are stains of glory.Cheese balls are pros at stains — they are like hickeys in junk food world.


18. Junk food always finishes your sentences.

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Because it is the sentence — literally. What better sentence could there be than one that starts with a donut in your hand and ends with a donut in your mouth?

21. Junk food is always up for a threesome or experimentation.

Ice cream and french fries — try it now or continue missing out on the best food combinations of your life.


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