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    Here's How People Defined Environmentalism At The People's Climate March In New York City

    "Understanding the value of the Earth."

    At the People's Climate March on Sept. 21, thousands of people gathered to ask for climate action at this week's United Nations Climate Summit.

    Anu and Lina

    Balisto, Jermiha, and Connard

    Ashley, World Fellowship Center

    Thomas Hiura, Carleton College

    Filsan Ibrahim, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change

    Emma, Martha, Aliza, Mira, and Tali



    Naomi Dann, Jewish Voice for Peace

    Joy Bradley, Hartwick College

    Cherry, MIT Students

    Gail Allyn and Amy Lake

    Jessica, Crip Contingent of the People's Climate March

    Keith, Alum of the High School of American Studies at Lehman College

    Pat Brown, Organizing for Action

    Tiana Bellamy, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change

    Jen Evans, Skidmore College

    Laura Smith

    Sachi, Sarah Lawrence College

    Zoe, Hartwick College