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11 Endangered Animals You Should Get To Know Now

Do you like belugas and goats but don't know anything about the pudu or goral? It's OK — you will soon enough.

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1. If you like belugas, you'll like the dugong.


Conservation status: Vulnerable.

Found in: 48 countries.

Fun fact: One of the most huggable-looking sea cows, dugongs are thought to be the reason for fairy tales of mermaids and sirens.

2. If you like buffalo, meet the anoa.


Conservation status: The lowland and mountain anoa are endangered.

Found in: The island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Fun fact: Like many of us in the human world, they are vegetarians and pretty chill animals. They are also one of the least-studied endangered species, as they are located in a remote part of Indonesia.


3. If you like cows, get to know the banteng.


Conservation status: Endangered.

Found in: Bali, Burma, Borneo, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Fun fact: They are only the second endangered species in the world to have ever been cloned.

4. If you like wolves, you'll like the Santa Cruz Island fox.


Conservation status: Threatened.

Found in: The six California channel islands.

Fun fact: Like crabs and other true-love animals of the world, these foxes mate with one partner for life.

5. If you like moths, you'll like the karner blue butterfly.

Conservation status: Endangered.

Found in: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Fun fact: The Karner caterpillar will eat only the beautiful wild lupine flower.

6. If you like goats, you'll want to know more about the Himalayan goral.

Michael Weirauch/Michael Weirauch

Conservation status: Vulnerable.

Found in: The Himalayan mountains.

Fun fact: The goral like to hang out on the steep cliffs of the Himalayas, like a boss.


7. If you like parrots, you'll like the blue-throated macaw.


Conservation status: Critically endangered.

Found in: Northern Bolivia.

Fun fact: They were discovered in 1992, which is easy to understand, since they were probably all hanging out somewhere, being pals and ignoring the rest of the world.

8. If you like tortoises, you'll like the loggerhead sea turtle.


Conservation status: Endangered.

Found in: Almost all of the world's oceans, except the coldest ones.

Fun fact: One of the most amazing events in the loggerhead's life is its return to the area where it was born to lay its eggs.

9. If you like hummingbirds, you'll like the piping plover.


Conservation status: All species are listed as either endangered or threatened.

Found in: The Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Fun fact: They are part of a number of conservation efforts, so hopefully they stay in the world with us forever, because just look at how cute and tiny they are!

10. If you like deer, you'll like the pudú.


Conservation status: The northern and southern pudú are listed as vulnerable.

Found in: Southern Chile and southwestern Argentina.

Fun fact: The southern pudú is the world's second-smallest deer. Many pudús live in zoos and get to continue being their playful cute selves.

11. If you like sloths, you'll like the Javan slow loris.


Conservation status: Endangered.

Found in: Banten, West Java, Indonesia.

Fun fact: One of the world's newest cutest species, these animals are just like Tarzan and use mostly vines to get around in the forest.