21 Times Disney Made You Realize You Were An Emotionally Unavailable Kid

    Bye, Mufasa.

    Disney has brought to the world many of the most heartbreaking moments in film ever seen.

    1. Seeing Meg "die" in Hercules' arms wasn't sad but just cliché.

    2. Throughout the entire movie, you were wondering why a fox and a hound became friends in the first place.

    3. You were honestly more concerned about Tarzan getting hypothermia from just wearing a loincloth.

    4. Bambi's mom's death made you wonder if your mom was finally going to cook venison for dinner.

    5. Even as a kid, you knew that John Smith was awful for shooting Pocahontas' betrothed and for making her dad hate her.

    6. What a waste of food! The people of Paris clearly need to learn about composting.

    7. Mufasa dying made you wonder what was on National Geographic.

    8. Sure, Dumbo's mom gets locked away but it definitely sucked more for Dumbo, who had to become a clown.

    9. You only noticed that Cinderella's shoe didn't disappear at midnight too.

    10. No one likes getting caught in a rainstorm and it doesn't make Oliver any more special.

    11. Seeing Beast "die" made the child misandrist in you cheer.

    12. When Flynn Rider was dying and your friend was crying about it, you rolled your eyes and took a popcorn break.

    13. And seriously, what did Ursula turn Triton into?!

    14. Snow White got what she deserved for accepting food from strangers.

    15. Jasmine's a princess and all but doesn't she need a permit to keep Rajah?

    16. Peter Pan's got 99 problems, but Tinkerbell isn't one.

    17. You actually develop a headache during this scene from trying not to laugh at the fact that Pinocchio is at "Pleasure Island."

    18. Shouldn't someone have called PETA to figure out this mess?

    19. This was the best part about the movie because you'd didn't have to hear Mowlgi and Baloo sing "The Bare Necessities."

    20. Say "Ohana" to Kevin McCallister from Home Alone and see what he has to say about it.

    21. This only brought up a single question: Why is there no toy or invention where you could do this to your siblings?

    Your friends may call you heartless for not crying at these scenes, but you know you just save your tears for movies with actual humans.