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The 22 Best Things About Living In New York City During The Summer

The Mister Softee jingle is your best dream and worst nightmare.

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1. Hearing the Mister Softee jingle brings you both pain and joy.

2. A crowded beach is priceless since there is ZERO driving involved.

Jonathan Percy / Flickr: chartno3 / Creative Commons

3. No matter how sketchy the person is, buying an Italian ice is always worth it.

4. You might live in a concrete jungle, but nature does exist here.

Travis Grathwell / Flickr: sivart13 / Creative Commons

5. Sitting outside for hours at restaurants because bottomless mimosas are a gift from heaven.

Adelie Freyja Annabel / Flickr: kindofindie / Creative Commons

6. Walking through the open fire hydrant because why not?

web4camguy / Flickr: web4camguy / Creative Commons

7. Riding the Wonder Wheel or the Cyclone at Coney Island, even though you'll feel like SUCH a tourist.

Daniel Ladenhauf / Flickr: ladi / Creative Commons

8. Walking through street fairs, where you can pick up a shish kabob, a new dress, and still talk about how awful crowds are.

tracy apps / Flickr: tapps / Creative Commons

9. Escaping to Governors Island for the day, which pretty much feels like you're leaving the state.

Peter Roan / Flickr: peterjr1961 / Creative Commons

10. Going to one of the city pools, which have longer lines than the cronut line but so worth it.

TijsB / Flickr: tijsb Creative Commons

11. Daytripping to the Hudson Valley is your reminder that not everything smells like garbage.

Bruce Faling / Flickr: bfaling / Creative Commons

12. Manhattanhenge: the one and ONLY time it's acceptable for everyone in NYC to stop in the middle of the street.

Twice a year, including once in the summer, the sun aligns perfectly with the grid system of Manhattan and you get views like this.
5oulscape / Flickr: felstone / Creative Commons

Twice a year, including once in the summer, the sun aligns perfectly with the grid system of Manhattan and you get views like this.

13. Food flea markets like Smorgasburg or LIC Flea, where a hot dog will cost you $5 but you'll eat it facing the skyline.

Jonathan Percy / Flickr: chartno3 / Creative Commons

14. You can take fun summer fashion risks but no one will notice because it's New York.

15. Free concerts that'll remind you there's always a price for everything: sweat.

Pharrell, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, Talib Kweli, and Mobb Deep are just some of the few artists playing in the city this summer. And that doesn't count the free music festivals like River to River or 4Knots.

16. Free things to do that you didn't think were possible in NYC, like kayaking and stargazing.

You can kayak on the Hudson and East River, as well as visit a farm and do other fun things for free.

17. Free outdoor movie screenings, complete with mosquitoes and a couple making out next to you.

Clueless, American Hustle, and Sharknado are just some of the free movies being shown across the city this summer.

18. Two baseball teams means double the amount of times you can watch a game and drink beer.

Brad Penner/Usa Today Sports

19. Rooftop bars, that match the number of floors they have to how much you'll have to pay for a beer.

20. Stepping onto an air conditioned subway car is like stepping into heaven.

21. Walking or biking the Brooklyn Bridge and realizing this is how people end up with heat stroke.

Edmund Vermeulen / Flickr: edmundv / Creative Commons

22. And nothing beats a summer night walk along the gorgeous New York skyline and knowing that despite its faults, there's a reason you're still here.

Dan Nguyen / Flickr: zokuga / Creative Commons

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