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19 Awful Struggles Everyone Without An AC Goes Through In The Summer

Everything is terrible and you're always moist.

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1. You're always hot and sticky.

Sweat has become another layer of your skin and you're not even that bothered by it anymore.

2. There's a fan in every room of your house.

You have five fans, but you're also convinced this isn't enough since your house is still so HOT.

3. You've mastered the art of laying down perfectly still to let a warm breeze float over you.

4. You decide to join a gym because it beats coming straight home to your hot house.

All the gym equipment is is unnecessary for your needs.

5. If there's a heat wave, you immediately ask to stay at your friend's house with AC.

6. You get to work early and leave late just to enjoy the AC at the office.

It also means you'll also wear about 10 sweaters, but that's just the price to pay for a good life.

7. You've started to wonder if your rent increase = how hot it gets in your apartment.

Oh it's 100 degrees out and time to re-up your lease? Prepare to pay more for no central AC.

8. You take 12 five-minute showers just to stay cool.

You're so fresh and so clean, but also so hot all the damn time.

9. Sleeping naked isn't optional.

10. A water fan is the best way to beat the heat.

Free idea: Start doing this from now until October.

11. All your fans are pointed at you and only you come bedtime.

12. You buy frozen vegetables to both eat and put on your body because it's so hot.

13. You've finally bought a blender just to make frozen drinks all summer.

If you can't beat the heat, might as well enjoy it a little!

14. You stick your head in the freezer just to feel coolness for two seconds.

15. You've slept with a wet towel on your face and neck.

Best part is it makes you forget that the water trickling down your neck is probably your own sweat.

16. You eat out just to avoid turning the stove on.

Under no circumstances, do you EVER turn on the stove unless you want to know what it is like to live on a desert.

17. You've considered freezing your bra and underwear.

18. Cotton sheets and a Chillow are your best friends.

19. If you have a significant other, you either stay at their place with AC all the time or sleep alone.

No spooning allowed in your house though unless you want to be drenched in sweat.

Even though the struggle is real, you know how to handle the heat and that's all that matters.

But you're also not opposed to anyone buying you an AC. Only one more month of this heat!

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