A Bunch Of Frat Guys Are Trying To Start The #WhyWeNeedFrat Movement On Instagram

Their reasons are what you’d expect.

1. Greek life culture site Total Frat Move launched a video last week telling the world why they need frats.

Both the website and their YouTube video page state: “It’s time to stand up and tell the world why we need frat. Why do you need frat? #WhyWeNeedFrat.”

2. The video shows a bunch of men holding whiteboards with things like “I could never win a one on one fight” written on them.

3. Each whiteboard promotes the great things about being in a frat, like this…

4. Or, uh, this…

5. Total Frat Move posted many of the messages from the video onto its Instagram page.

6. And all the photos totally blew, getting thousands of likes and tons of regrams.

7. The video might be a joke, but it really struck a chord.

8. A ton of people involved with Greek life are commenting “so true” or “this is why I joined a frat.”

9. This guy even made his own reason as to why he needs frats.

10. People on Twitter are also going crazy for for the hashtag and posting their own reasons.

Who else is going to get completely trashed on a Tuesday? #WhyWeNeedFrat

— Dopey Z. (@Renooooo)

I need frat because who else is going to encourage my bad decisions #WhyWeNeedFrat

— Marshall (@BigBIackHawk)

#WhyWeNeedFrat is the funniest trend I've seen in a while

— Nicky From the Pack (@KnockOutNickyIV)

#WhyWeNeedFrat is hilarious and is making this day a little funnier.

— Cecilia Perez (@ceciliamorgan35)

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