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13 Things People Who Work In Fashion Are Tired Of Hearing

"Can you get me a discount?" These questions can get annoying, but when you love what you do, it doesn't matter. Like we say at ANN INC., fit is everything.

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1. "So you just shop all day, right?"


Yeah, basically. Oh — and handle shipments, balance budgets, analyze data, manage staff, calculate risk...

2. "Getting dressed for work must be stressful."

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Or maybe it's fun. Because maybe I like clothes.

3. "Do people in your office even eat lunch?"


Believe it or not, all humans require food. Even fashion ones.

4. "What's your blog?"

Lily Antflick / BuzzFeed

If I wanted you to know, TRUST ME — you'd know.

5. "Will you go shopping with me?"

Johanna Sarriott / BuzzFeed

I just spent all day shopping, remember?

6. "Isn't 'serious fashion' an oxymoron?"


Isn't "your face" an oxymoron?

7. "Did you originally want to be a model?"


Did you originally want to ask better questions?

8. "Can you sew?"

Come on. Like, NO ONE can sew.
Courtesy Nathalie Con / Via

Come on. Like, NO ONE can sew.

9. "Can you get me a discount?" / Via

I can, but whether I will is another question entirely.

10. "Is it just like that movie where they work at that fashion magazine and that award-winning actress plays the boss lady who everyone hates at first but ends up loving?"

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Congratulations! You have a basic knowledge of pop culture! But to answer your question: no.

11. "You're totally judging my outfit, aren't you?"


Maybe, but that's not because I work in fashion. ZING!

12. "Does everyone wear heels?"


Stop being so concerned with our footwear.

13. "Did you ever consider a real job?"


Actually, yeah. And now I have one.