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    15 Reasons It's Ok To Be Up At 5am

    Whether you’re a sleep deprived parent, working shifts, commuting to work or an insomniac, 5am can feel like it’s far too early to be up. But actually, there are some advantages…

    1. You may feel alone at 5am but you're not / Via

    When the alarm (baby/toddler) goes off at 5am, you may not realise it, but you’re part of a gang of people around the world who are also up at the crack of dawn.

    2. You get each other / Via

    You’re on a level with every single person who is also up stupidly early. You get each other; you’re comrades.

    3. Others are worse off / Via

    You may feel like hell but there are people still up from last night, off their tits, who will be suffering a lot more than you (eventually).

    4. You can make friends with the milkman / Via

    Most people never get to see or hear the milkman on his rounds. You will be aware of him coming up your road every morning. Pop out and say hello.

    5. More time for yoga / Via

    You have an extra hour or two to practise your headstand and sun salutations. Or you can just lie on the floor and say you’re doing your *shavasana*.

    6. Green smoothies

    The Early Hour / Via

    You’ll have time to whip up a super healthy green smoothie using all the kale and celery from your veg box. And then dash it in the bin and make yourself a proper breakfast with eggs, bacon and white bread.

    7. Early morning boozing / Via

    The rule is that as soon as it’s dark, it’s totally fine to be boozing. At 5am, it’s basically still night-time - so feel free to kickstart your day with a crisp glass of white wine.

    8. Time to clean / Via

    You can blitz the whole house and go to work feeling smug, knowing that you’ll be returning to a sparkling palace. Or just move the dirt around with a mop knowing that at least you’ve made an effort.

    9. Get creative / Via

    There’s time to pursue creative endeavours, like learning to play guitar. You’ll do this for approximately three minutes before remembering you have sausages for fingers and turning on the telly instead.

    10. Drink copious amounts of coffee / Via

    The first one will perk you up, the second one - even more so, the third you’ll feel jittery, the fourth… this is panic attack territory. Five is just ridiculous. But you’ll do it anyway.

    11. Watch the sun rise / Via

    Every morning, you can gaze out the window and watch as the sun rises up into a glowing pink sky. Or not - because you live in London, where smog hides the sunrise and most days the sun doesn’t even come out anyway.

    12. You might get a chance to shower / Via

    For parents of young kids, getting up early might mean you can actually wash. If you haven’t got kids - or they’re grown-up - treat every single shower like it’s your last. Seriously.

    13. Have a boogie / Via

    You might not feel like it first thing in the morning - when your eyes are glued together with sleep and your limbs ache - but if you whack on some tunes, gather your troupe (kids, housemates, literally anyone you can find) and have a little wiggle, you'll start the day feeling A-ok.

    14. Grooming / Via

    You’ll have plenty of time to make sure you’re looking tiptop before the day really gets going. Stare into a mirror, perfect your pout, style your barnet, straighten your tie - etc.

    15. Explore wardrobe options

    Cosmopolitan / Via

    As well as face/hair grooming, you'll have masses of time to plan a seriously dashing, catwalk-ready outfit for the day.

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