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    17 Things You Miss When You Leave Manchester

    "Manchester's got everything except a beach." – Ian Brown

    1. Peas, pies, pudding, chips, and rice.

    2. Massive palatial libraries you can visit for free.

    3. Being asked whether you're OK a lot.

    4. Holland's pies.

    5. The incredible music scene.

    6. Increased chance of bumping into Guy Garvey.

    7. The Manc accent.

    8. Proper parties.

    9. The Pride rainbow being all over the city.

    10. Just a tiny bit of arrogance.

    11. That giant Santa Claus in Albert Square.

    12. The whole mile of curry.

    13. Being encouraged to be a bit different.

    14. The bonkers things that happen all the time.

    15. It's (almost) unpretentious.

    16. Megariders.

    17. And the way you can be yourself without anyone judging you.