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17 Things You Miss When You Leave Manchester

"Manchester's got everything except a beach." – Ian Brown

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1. Peas, pies, pudding, chips, and rice.

Karen Dexter Photography / Via

Why the craze of English and Chinese fusion cuisine has not swept the nation is baffling. Half rice and half chips with curry sauce and a buttered muffin is one of the finest dishes available to mankind. And it costs about £2.

2. Massive palatial libraries you can visit for free.

Via Flickr: lwr / Creative Commons

Manchester had the first ever free library, and some of the most impressive architecture in the city is dedicated to education. If you fancy a look at the first ever cookbook, John Ryland's Library on Deansgate is a must. And the Central Library on St Peter's Square is equally beautiful.

3. Being asked whether you're OK a lot.

Annie Moss-Quate / BuzzFeed

The standard greeting in Manchester is "Yo'kay, mate?" with genuine concern in the tone. They actually want to know if you're OK. It's what makes the city so welcoming.


4. Holland's pies.

Karen Dexter Photography / Via

Most Mancunians will go for meat pie and chips over fish and chips, and Holland's is the best pie out there. Plus, it's apparently sold in 85% of chippies in the North West.

5. The incredible music scene.


Everywhere you go there are mosaic monuments of The Haçienda, nightclubs blaring out The Smiths, gig venues, babies wearing Stone Roses T-shirts, and iPods blaring out Mr. Scruff on the bus. Twenty years after "Definitely Maybe" was released, there are still Gallagher-style indie haircuts and green parkas swaggering up and down the high street.

6. Increased chance of bumping into Guy Garvey.

Via Flickr: jontintinjordan / Creative Commons

It's rare to spend a day wandering around Manchester without spotting a footballer, someone from an indie band, or someone off Corrie. And now the Beeb has moved in, there's an even bigger chance of spotting someone famous.


9. The Pride rainbow being all over the city.

Via Instagram: @uppercakemcr

People flock from all over the world to join the famous Pride carnival each year. And the city's famous gay quarter, Canal Street, is incredibly fun.

10. Just a tiny bit of arrogance.

Visit Manchester / Via

Suffragette movement? Industrial revolution? World's first intercity railway? The most important music of the last 30 years? These are just a few of Manchester's achievements, and we're damn proud of them.


15. It's (almost) unpretentious.

Via Flickr: thegeneralstore / Creative Commons

Well, that's not strictly true (Northern Quarter, King Street: you get the idea), but if you are going to be pretentious be prepared to have it pointed out to you.

16. Megariders.

Also known as a Shaun Ryder or a Winona, this may just seem like a laminated piece of paper but it's much more than that. It's your ticket to freedom (and most importantly, the night bus home).