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19 Things People From Manchester Would Never Say

If you think Mancs are just Corrie caricatures, give your 'ead a wobble.

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1. "Wow! London is cheap as chips! AND I got a pint for £11. Bargain!"

2. "Yeah, it’s EXACTLY like Shameless where I live. SCATTOH!"

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3. "Can I get a tall soya decaf latte with no foam to go please?"

4. "MAD FER IT!"

5. "I love it when you insinuate that I have led a life of crime because I’m from Manchester. LOL! Seriously though, give me your wallet."

6. "I much prefer the Haçienda as a block of flats. It’s a charming reinvention of such a historical monument of the city’s musical achievements."

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7. "Fry-up on a Sunday morning? No thanks, I’m on a strict paleo diet."

8. "The best thing to come out of Manchester is obviously Mick Hucknall."


10. "Why are we arguing? It doesn’t matter if it’s a muffin or barm! Heck, let’s just call it a bread roll and never mention this again."

11. "Is it organic?"

12. "When the 'Country House' vs 'Roll With It' battle for No. 1 happened in 1995, I of course sided with those lovely London boys Blur."

13. "I just can't relate to Peter Kay's observational comedy."

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14. "By ‘eck, you smell gorgeous tonight, petal."

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15. "There’s no right or wrong side of the Pennines."

16. "All-nighter? Ooh no, not for me, need my beauty sleep."

17. "I am in no way related to anyone Irish."

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18. "I can’t really decide: I think I like both Man City AND Man United."

19. "Let's have an outdoor wedding!"

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