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    23 Places In Leeds You Must Visit Before You Die

    Scratching the surface of Leeds' hidden city. Hidden rooftop bars, beautiful nature spots, and unassuming restaurants that foodies don't want you to know about.

    1. The Leeds Library

    2. Passion Supper Club in Carlton

    3. The Hollies at Meanwood Park

    4. Bulgogi Korean Grill

    5. Below Stairs at Temple Newsam House

    6. Mrs Atha's

    7. Holbeck Cemetery

    8. Colours May Vary

    9. Eccup Reservoir

    10. The 212 Café & Bar

    11. The Greedy Pig

    12. Meat Liqour

    13. Brewdog

    14. Northern Ballet

    15. The Terrace at Everyman Cinema

    16. Beer Ritz

    17. The Man Behind the Curtain

    18. Boss Burgers

    19. White Cloth Gallery

    20. Fairuz Lebanese Restaurant

    21. Maven Bar

    22. Tasty's Karahi Restaurant

    23. And the best hidden treasure in the city: Whitelock's Ale House