Ten Simple Rules To Living In Brisbane

Anyone who lives in, or has lived in, South East Queensland (Australia) should relate to this life in Brissy guide.

1. Make The Natural Assumption When Someone Says “I live in Logan”

Or Ipswich….

2. Run For Cover Every Time It Rains

Start building that ark Queenslanders!

3. When Your Workmates Begin Speaking About “Fridays”, You Head To Riverside

It doesn’t have to be Friday for a Queenslander to have end of work drinks. ‘Fridays’ is open daily.

4. It Is Perfectly Acceptable To Wear Thongs…All Year Round.


Smart Casual? Thongs it is, any occasion short of a wedding and i’ll grab my havaianas

5. If You Don’t Like Rugby League, Pretend You Do - It’s Easier

Struggling for conversation? Mention how Darren Lockeyer is a top bloke and Wally Lewis, an all-time great.


And this is your response when anyone questions Lockyer’s God-Status

7. Although Most Have Turned Hipster And Hang Out In West End, Don’t Act To Surprised If You See Emo Teenagers Hanging Around Hungry Jacks Queen St

8. The Only Appropriate Response When Someone From Ipswich Says They Live In Ipswich

9. Pick Your Favourite: Sunny Coast or GC. Be Ready To Defend It In A Pub Argument.


10. Invest In A Go Card Was = Wisest Decision You’ve Ever Made

Tap on and off people!

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